WORKING PARENTS from true working lines
HEALTH TESTED PARENTS to produce healthier dogs
WELL SOCIALIZED for a great start to an all around dog
INTRODUCED to birds and water
HOME RAISED--Bred to be great all around dogs, puppies should excel at hunting, hunt tests, field trials, and pets in their off time
Puppies learn that retrieving is fun and enjoyable. The foundation for formal training is laid and full of fun for all.
Learning as a group at first builds confidence that is hard to
loose and helps any owner to raise and train pups to be good hunters with little effort.
Pups play with the ducks now and learn that running, jumping and retrieving is fun. This lays a permenant foundation for future training as part of our goals are to have puppies that want to retrieve not ones that are just made to. In the event that all you want is a hunting companion these pups will make the most memorable dog that you've ever owned.
Most of our pet/hunting puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration.  What this means is that your dog is eligible for AKC papers, but offspring are not eligible for registration. If you think you will want to breed your puppy in the future, please read here about the costs and risks involved with breeding. AKC Limited Registration can be changed to full registration where offspring are eligible for registration at a later date if you have filled the requirements in our contract.  

Deposits are non-refundable after puppies are born and your color/sex is confirmed. We do not guarantee shade of colors nor future breeding prospects. Should the litter you have a deposit on not produce the color/sex you desire, you have the option of refund or transferring your deposit to another litter.

We do not breed indescriminately just to make money. These are breedings that we either plan to keep a puppy for ourselves or would gladly keep one.  For more information on genetic diseases and other problems with labs, please visit our links page for official websites with information on each. RESULTS FOR ANY TESTS ARE GENERALLY KNOWN WITHIN A MONTH, IF THE BREEDER STATES PENDING FOR LONGER THAN A MONTH, CHANCES ARE THE TEST HAS NOT BEEN DONE. I HAVE RECIEVED BOTH EIC AND CNM RESULTS IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS FROM SENDING OUT THE BLOOD/SWABS. RESULTS CAN BE VERIFIED AT www.ofa.org and www.labradorcnm.com Performance information can be verified on www.infodog.com and www.entryexpress.net

Click here for diseases that affect Labrador Retrievers
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We expect all three colors of puppies this year. Please see below for estimated dates and breedings.
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See how our puppies are raised on our Socialization page
Check out our Past Litters page for a list of the litters we have produced and our Brags page for a list of titled and official working dogs.
Following is the list of breedings we will be doing for next year. We will take a $100 good faith reservation (non-refundable, applied towards the deposit) to reserve a spot in a litter. The balance of the reservation fee will be due upon confirmation of pregnancy. Please see below for more information on our deposit policy. Many of our litters are "sold out" before the litter is born, therefore we advise reserving a puppy and not waiting until they are born. If you choose to wait and they are sold out, PLEASE make sure the parents are health tested (verifiable on www.ofa.org) before purchasing a puppy elsewhere...it is "insurance" that you have the best odds of receiving a healthy puppy. Buying a puppy should not be a "spur of the moment" choice, you should be looking at a decade or more with your new dog...a "cheap puppy" can grow up to be an "expensive dog" due to additional health care that may be required due to dysplasia, allergies, etc. We will not breed a dog known to have allergies or other conditions that cause hair loss. All of our puppies are DILUTE FREE as ALL LABRADORS should be!

Some of our females have irregular cycles due to being in training. We will update to the best of our ability on timing of litters. Please understand that we have had females cycle anywhere from 6 to 18 months apart (and not always the same timing) with first cycles generally between 14 and 22 months. We do not breed our dogs before the age of 2 and health clearances are done. We also do not breed our females every heat cycle.There are times that breedings don't "take" and therefore puppies are not born. The puppies we offer are bred BY US, not by others, WE will be the breeder(s) of record on the registration certificates. We do often use sires owned by others in order to produce the best puppies possible...not every male is a "good match" for every female, so we do not always have the sire on site. This is to ensure "better breeding", not just out of convience. Sometimes they are located close by or running tests/trials nearby where you will be able to see them work, but sometimes we are using shipped semen where the sire may be several states away, or in the future, we may use frozen semen where the sire is no longer living.

Most of our puppies are sold with limited registration. Limited registration allows you compete in AKC events except conformation, but not register offspring from your dog. Limited registration can be changed to full registration after clearances are passed when the dog reaches 2 years old. Owners with verifyable prior record of hunt tests/trails and health certifications may be sold on full registration. Please contact us for more information.

We have black males currently available from Mikie's litter. We do have a few more planned litters, all three colors are expected. The reservation lists for these litters are currenty availble. Once "full" it will be waiting list only until the puppies are born and we know what is available. Reservations are determined by date of receipt of deposit, having your name on the list reserves a puppy, not necessarily a "pick order", it may shift due to needing to move from one litter to another due to not enough of a color/sex in a previous litter, but we generally are able to fill deposits that are taken for a given litter, this is the reason we only take a limited number before birth to try to ensure we do not have to "bump" someone to a different litter.

Current/Pending breedings for 2022 (subject to change):
•Black puppies born Sept 2021 Deuce QAA x Crash ready to go home, two females available

•Black and possibly yellow puppies Drake QA2 x Goldie estimated due February, ready to go home April 2022 (not confirmed yet)

•Black and possibly yellow puppies Rex QAA x Charlie CGC TKN estimated due early March, ready to go home May 2022

•Yellow puppies GrCH CH George JR x Cookie estimated due early March, ready to go home May 2022

•We will not have any chocolate puppies until June/July at the earliest.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list for future litters, please download and fill in the application (click here) and send to us by e-mail, fax, or USPS. This does not guarantee we will sell you a puppy, if we decide you are not a good fit for one of our puppies, your reservation fee will not be accepted will be returned to you. We reserve the right to return your reservation and refuse the sale for any reason. We do not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, etc. Waiting list will be filled in the order in which received, established Field Trial, Hunt Test, and other working homes will take preference regardless of order.

Our puppies normally run $1200-$2500 depending on pedigree and titles and is subject to change due to additional titles earned. Please e-mail us for current litter/planned litter pricing. Reservation fee is 1/3 the price of the puppy or minimum of $300 depending on litter price. We are able to accept debit/credit cards over the phone with a 4% transaction fee (ex $300 fee will be a $312 charge to your card).

A non-refundable reservation fee, applied to the total price of the puppy, is required to reserve a puppy, refundable only if the color/sex is not available in the litter you choose. It can also be applied to a later litter if the puppy you want is not available or you need to change the timing of when you get a puppy. We do not guarantee shades of yellow as the dogs puppies can darken or lighten with age. Timing , stud choices, and pricing subject to change based on heat cycles, stud availablity and new titles and/or accomplishments earned.

Any puppies that are purchased for pets only must either be picked up at our home or meeting place arranged where we meet in person, there may or may not be an additional charge based on distance, etc. We can meet you at the airport for you to inspect your puppy prior to acceptance should you want to do a round trip visit to pick up your puppy. You will be responsible for soft sided crate needed for carrying your puppy. We will have health certificates already done on the puppy needed for air transport. We do not ship pet only puppies without meeting you in person with the puppy. We will travel to meet pet owners to pick up their puppies, usually up to Fredricksburg, VA or Jacksonville, FL for an additional fee, split between any puppies going that way. (ie meeting in Fredricksburg VA, overnight stay, expenses are approximately $300, if three puppies going, would be $100 each). This must be set up at least 2 weeks in advance and must not conflict with a hunt test or field trial that we have dogs entered to run.
Our puppies come with the following:
A well socialized puppy introduced to many sights and sounds, see our socialization page for more details.
AKC Registration
Minimum 3 generation pedigree with titles printed
26 month written guarantee
Dew Claws Removed
Current deworming and shots
Microchip for permanent identification
Copies of health clearances on sire and dam
Information about crate training, obedience training, etc
Puppy Pack with sample of food and nutritional information
References available upon request
Lifetime of consultation availability, and should your situation change, puppies are always welcome back and will not be euthanized due to lack of a home.